Wednesday 24th July to Monday 2nd September.

Yay, it’s the summer again!  Come and join in with the summer madness at Windmills this holiday.

We’ve got six weeks of awesome outside activities (and a few inside ones, just in case!) to make the most of holiday.

We can’t wait to get the best out of this sunny season, so if your child wants to join us, head over to our booking page and book now!

3rd September is an inset day at Hassocks Infants School, but Windmills Juniors is open, so there is no holiday club that day.

Holiday Club and Summer Camp 2024

Week 1

Minecraft and Pokemon

Minecraft crafting

Pokemon Silliness

Week 2

Summer Fun

Clowning Around

Fun At the Fair

Adventure & Amusements

Life’s A Beach

Festival Fun

Week 3


Make a Puppet  & Theatre

Kudize Talent Show

Form a Band

Magic Show

Strictly Kudize : The Dance Off

Week 4

Science Week

Jurassic Science

Rocket Science

Rainbow Science

Edible Science

Explosive Science

Week 5

The Great Outdoors

Survival Fun

Water World

Camping for the day

Treasure Island

Art in Nature: Make Sun photos

Week 6

Movie Week

Harry Potter

Willy Wonka

Secret Life of Pets

Kungfu Panda

HAF Summer 2024

We’re also now offering HAF places, which can be registered for here!

The HAF scheme gives children who are entitled to benefits related free school meals the chance to go to holiday activity clubs and have a free, healthy meal.

WSCC and ESCC can provide HAF spaces to eligible familes.  Check eligibility and book free summer fun!

HAF at Kudize Summer 2024

Register or Book Your Child For Holiday Club Today!