Important Information : Summer Holiday Club 2020

 How we will minimize the amount of ‘mixing’

On a child’s first session they will be allocated to a bubble and, as far as possible, we will try keep children in the same group at every holiday club session, and we have sufficient staff so we can be flexible enough to create smaller bubbles if we need to.

What we are doing to minimize the risk

  • Bubbles will have a maximum size of 15 children.

  • Bubbles will have their own indoor base and outdoor zone.

  • We will be playing outside as much as possible as it lowers the risk significantly.

  • We will also ask the children to wash their hands throughout the day, remind them of the  ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach with coughs and sneezes.

  • We will also clean equipment and highly touched surfaces regularly.

Holiday Club  Activities

The theme this holiday will be Movement and there will be LOTS of outdoor play planned including water play, big bubbles, big art like sprawling playground chalk drawings, messy art (think Holi festival with paint!). We have more outdoor equipment like swingball and Jenga as well as hoops, rope, balls, racquets and space hoppers. There will also be nature crafts like build a bug house. We also have quiet activities also for children to dip into like lego, marble run, pens and paper.

Resources and equipment will be allocated to each bubble and only shared within the bubble, routinely cleaned/quarantined for 72 hours before re-circulating.

Drop off and pick up

We ask you to please do not use the school car park at this time, so that you walk your children to the gate using the one way system school uses: there are arrows on the pathway so you walk up to school using the path to the left of the driveway, and leave by using the path on the other side.

Families are asked to maintain the 2 metre social distancing rule as you arrive and leave.

You will be told at drop off which bubble group your children will be in that day so you know which collection point to wait at pick up.

We also ask that just one family member does the drop off and pick up.

Rather than a face to face chat, if you would like to discuss anything, you are welcome to call Donna or Becky 07714 391851 or email

What you need to bring (all named)

    1. a water bottle

    2. lunch

    3. a snack packed separately for break time

    4. waterproof clothing and footwear

    5. a change of clothes

    6. a sun hat

    7. a helmet if bringing a scooter

    8. a plastic bag to bring artwork home in

    9. on hot days please bring a squeezy bottle (i.e. washing up bottle) to use as a water squirter (but no actual proper water pistols please)

    10. optional: face mask, hand sanitiser

Important information you need to know before coming

  • Avoid using public transport

  • Let us know if using another childcare provider too so we can plan safely

  • Only attend our holiday club if you are from the local area.

  • Keep your children at home if they are ill or if someone in your household is showing COVID19 symptoms

(COVID symptoms ( and Track & Trace (

It’s also really important that you know that we cannot guarantee to be able to keep your child socially distant, but we will put steps in place to minimise the risk.
We may also have to close groups/bubbles at short notice if there is an outbreak of COVID19.

We also believe that the benefit of play has an enormously positive impact on a child’s wellbeing.