Breakfast Club at Hassocks Infants

Children arrive anytime from 7.30am.

They are offered breakfast, including cereal, toast, pancakes, fruit and yoghurt.

The children can then pick activities for the morning, before being walked to their classrooms.

After school club at Hassocks infants

Children are collected from class. Upon arriving, they wash their hands and sit down to their snack and take a few moments to unwind.

We provide healthy snacks, offering wraps and rolls, with filling choices of a variety of spreads, and fruit and vegetables on the side.

While sitting together, children are told about the activity options for the day.

The activity of the day could be based on what the children’s interests, or current cultural events.

There is also a lot of free play. Where children are able to access resources if they need them, as the best play is often made up by children themselves! They can blow off some steam, or curl up with a book. We have access to both indoor and fantastic outdoor space.

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Breakfast Club
7.30am or 8am drop off

7.30am – 9am – £9.20
8.00am – 9am – £5.90

After School Club
3.00pm – 6.00pm all weekdays, term time only

5pm pick up – £12.80
6pm pick up – £19.20

For School Inset Days, please see Holiday Club for details as we are open on these days

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