February Holiday club + Inset Day

For February holiday Club we asked the children what THEY would like to do and they came up with loads of FANTASTIC ideas, so we have combined all of their brilliant ideas into the overall topic of … (drum roll please) …

Extreme Adventures!

Each day we will have fun exploring a different extreme environment :
MONDAY 17th Feb: Ice World – We will go on an intrepid journey to an Arctic Tundra

TUESDAY 18th Feb: Oceanic Adventure – As a group we will make a short underwater themed film FEATURING A SUBMARINE VOLCANO.

WEDNESDAY 19th Feb : Outer Space – We will make a Far Out Space Syth Song with Hummingbird Music

THURSDAY 20th Feb : Totally Tropical – We will be getting deep into the jungle which will include a Bushtucker trial while blindfolded!

FRIDAY 21st Feb: Going Underground – Reaching down into the subterreanan, we will be fossil Making and doing a bit of fun, geological exploration

INSET DAY (Monday 24th Feb) You Choose! – Yep, you get to choose your own adventure!

Every day we will getting creative with crafts and big builds, cooking activities, sporty games and daily challenges and competitions!

We will also be dusting of the ZORB!!!

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