Easter Holiday Club at The Windmills School

Week one

Dino week for early years
Mon 11th  –
Bone collecting and dinosaur digging
Dress as fave dinosaur
Tue 12th –
Fossil making
Building dino models
Dino arts and crafts
Wed 13th –
Dino games
Dino playsets
Dino stories
Thur 14th –
Design your dino
Dino films

Flower power
Mon 11th –
Dressing up in 60’s flowery clothes
Flower face paint
Tues 12th –
Flower collecting
Flower pressing
Flower arts and crafts
Wed 13th –
Psychedelic artwork posters
Flower chains and jewellery
Thur 14th –
Tie dye clothes, bring white top

Week two

Ready Steady GO (running shoes) 
Tue 19th –
Build and completing assault course competition
Sport crafts
Wed 20th –
Egg and Spoon race
Skipping race (Becky)
Up and under race
Medal making
Thur 21st –
Dribbling ball race
Staff vs kids football match
Fri 22nd –
Sports protein bar and smoothie making
Sport films

Fashion Fananza   
Tue 19th –
Fashion designing
Magazine research
Outfit designs
Wed 20th –
Sewing lessons with Donna
Headband making
Thur 21st –
Fashion show
Wear your fave outfit
Fri 22nd –
Designing and eating T-shirt cookies

Inset Day

Inset Mon 25th – Cupcake Day 

Weigh, mix, bake, decorate cupcakes 

Cupcake sewing 

Cupcake arts and crafts 

Cupcake card making 

Cupcake play-doh 

Menu making 

Cupcake crafts 

Cupcake tasting  

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