Easter Break was a fantastic success !
8th April till the 18th April
Inset day 23rd April .

Here’s a recap on what we got up too!!

WK 1

We started the holiday with The Golden Ticket Adventure Game!

Which included :

Popping balloons to de juice Violet Beauregarde

Feeding a fortune of fudge to Augustus Gloop

Being contestants in Mike Teavee’s Chocolate Bingo gameshow

Taking the personality quiz to see whether you are a good egg or bad, like Veruca Salt

Dressing up like grandpa Joe in the clothes relay race – how many items can you put on in 3 minutes?

The team with the most golden tickets won !

We made Chocolate slime … and chocolate playdough ! Good messy fun ?

Tested our chocolate knowledge with The Great Chocolate Quiz!

Talked about fair Trade chocolate and how important it is to buy fair trade .

Designed our very own sweets, lollies and chocolate bars, then make them … giant sized!

Making giant sweets at Kudize Holiday Club

WK 2

We made BIG bubble wands to create giant bubbles!

Also made bubble snakes and rainbow bubble snakes,

Experimented with bubble mixture to make bubbles that can bounce on your hand,

With a straw, put bubbles inside of bubbles … to see how many we can do! “ we did a lot!”

We got Eggtastic!

It was all about Eggs –

Decorating them with Marble affect using shaving foam, using onion skins to colour them, racing & rolling them …

Every day we had great fun rolling inside the giant ZORB ball !!

Planning is already well under way for May’s Half term Holiday ..

The theme is  “BOUNCE”

The Zorb ball will be in action again , lots of sporty outdoors games , tie-dying T-shirts , Making bouncy balls and much more ..

Zorb fun at Kudize Holiday Club

All fun and games at Kudize Holiday Club