To help parents we have a list of younger staff who are DBS certified and work at Kuidze Club

They would like to work extra being caregivers to children who attend our setting.
We take no responsibility and do not benefit financially.
Just want to help our younger staff and lovely parents by having a link on our website to find childcare outside of our hours.
Please get in touch with them directly using the options on their profiles
 Imogen Collins
Imogen Collins
I have been babysitting for the last 5 years, I have regularly looked after children ranging from age 3-13 and been responsible for feeding then, cleaning up, creating games and activities and getting them ready for bed. I have also looked after groups of children at a time previously so am happy to babysit multiple children at a time.
I normally charge £6 an hour.
I am happy to work on weekends or after 5 on weekdays, I can also do weekdays in the school holidays.
Deri Bovaird
Deri Bovaird

My name is Deri I am 17 years old.
I work part time at Kudize club, I am also studying music at College

I am free to babysit Monday and Thursday evenings

£6 per hrs

Please email

My name is Ella, I am 20yrs old and studying Global Challenges at Brunel Uni in London.
I am available during the holidays and can work to arrange selected days. I charge £9 per hr
I have been working at Kudize Club for around 2yrs, and so know many of the children well.
I love working there as I feel like a bit of kid myself so enjoy helping organise fun activities that we can do together.
I am lucky enough to have 4 cheeky younger sisters who have taught me the joys of time spent with little people and also how to be patient