About Donna & Becky the founders of Kudize Club

We’re Donna and Becky, the proprietors of Kudize Club, we both studied Art and Design and love having the opportunity to pass on our passion for the Arts, creativity and self exploration to the young people who come to our clubs.

We are both parents and have both been professionally registered childcare providers for many years.  Kudize Club Ltd. has grown over the years but we love the family feel we have successfully created and kept across our clubs.

We continue to support the local schools as well as community events, helping raise much needed funds.

Our Vision

At Kudize Club our wish for every child, whether they attend every day, once a week or only in the holidays, is for them to be safe, relaxed and inspired, and to feel part of the Club community.

We aim to create a space for children to run with their ideas and bring them to life.  Performing a talent show, composing a poem or overcoming a personal challenge, we shall be there to support them.

Every child has an active say in how the club is run, has access to a range of resources and activities, and can choose to play both indoors and out. The club promotes independence, discussion and decision making. We strive to provide a smooth transition between school or childcare provider and the club.

For parents and carers we maintain good communication links by providing a regular newsletter with a summary of the type of play and activities the children have been enjoying as well as any relevant news and information.

We pride ourselves on being inclusive to all children’s needs. We regularly ask for feedback and suggestions as this helps us provide the best level of service we can.


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